Specialist prenatal care

Specialist prenatal care

At BB Stockholm we have a specialist prenatal care to where all our registered patients can turn if the pregnancy becomes complicated. Our clinic is open around the clock. You can call us if you need an emergency visit during your pregnancy or during the first days after returning home from the delivery ward. The clinic is always staffed by a midwife and a specialized doctor. We cooperate with all midwifery clinics in Stockholm.

During daytime we have a clinic for women with gestational diabetes. In Sweden around 1.7 percent of all pregnant women develop gestational diabetes. We keep a close cooperation with Ersta hospital where specialists in endocrinology work together with our obstetricians. The midwives that work in the clinic are specially trained in diabetes care. Because of the team work between midwifery clinics, diabetes doctors and our physician specialist we can provide the highest quality care for pregnant women with diabetes.

A relatively common complication during pregnancy is something called preeclampsia. A first sign can be rising blood pressure. Those who end up developing preeclampsia needs to be monitored by more frequent visits to track the progress of the pregnancy.

At the specialist prenatal clinic we also work with external cephalic version, this is an attempt to turn the baby if the baby is not laying head down in the end of the pregnancy. If child birth hasn’t started spontaneously by 42 weeks of pregnancy the birth has to be started through induction. Decision on induction of a birth is also taken in the specialist prenatal clinic.

We also offer support and counseling to women who experience fear or worry at the prospect of giving birth. In this area of our work we have three talk therapy midwives and two physicians with specialist training.

There are a host of other situations that require specialised prenatal care. Your midwife at your midwifery clinic knows when the specialised clinic needs to get involved.


BB Stockholms specialized prenatal care. All doctors that work at BB Stockholm are specialists and have long experience in delivery care. Some of them are also specialists in ultrasound technology.

  • You get an expert answer straight away
  • Since our care is provided in a tertiary hospital all existing specialties in emergency care are available as additional resources
  • You will find us at Danderyd’s Hospital, building 14 (the same building as the delivery ward) on the 4th floor. Phone 08 - 123 570 20
  • In case any advanced ultrasound exams are needed they can be done by our ultrasound specialists