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Aftercare at the antenatal clinic

Aftercare at the antenatal clinic

BB Stockholm Family offers aftercare approximately 8-16 weeks after giving birth.


Approximately 8-16 weeks after giving birth, all women are invited to come on an aftercare visit at the antenatal clinic. Call us to schedule an appointment with us.
In this visit, we talk about the birth, cohabitation and contraception. You are also offered a check of the pelvic floor muscles. You are welcome to contact us prior to birth if you have any questions.

Pelvic floor exercises (PFE)

The pelvic floor consists of a group of muscles that runs from the pubis toward the coccyx. It creates a support for the pelvic organs and is there to help control urine, faeces and gases. In pregnancy, the pelvic floor becomes weaker and can be damaged in a way that can be compared to athletic injuries. The pelvic floor is impaired due to hormonal impact, the weight of the child and the vaginal childbirth.

It is important that you already during your pregnancy start doing your pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, in order to improve tone and function. And you should continue to do so after giving birth. Research shows that prenatal PFE reduces the risk of vaginal tearing.

Already the day after delivery or when you no longer have pain, you can start PFE. It is as important whether you gave birth vaginally or by C-section.

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